[UPDATED 16. 6. 2020] Best movie one-liners delivered before the kill. What is your favourite?

Here’s a video for all the movie fans out there. With the most popular one-liners from the classics, it’s enough to send you down the memory lane. Dialogues from oldies goldies might sound a little too simple in the modern world, but they create an impact far stronger than even the trendiest movies of the day. Isn’t it so?

If you love old movies as much as we do, you’ll love these 100 special one-liners, some of which will stay in your heart forever. Whether it’s just two words, “Knock-knock” from Arnold Schwarzenegger, or “Long live the king” from Scar of the Lion King, some scenes are just there to last a lifetime. They wouldn’t lose their impact even if you were watching it for the hundredth time!

For all the Clint Eastwood fans out there, you’ll find some amazing treats from the legend in this video. He has been quite a sensation in his time and is no less to this date. The old man is a true depiction of style and class and will continue to fascinate the fans till the end.  Whatever he says before beginning to fire non-stop with pistols in both hands becomes the dialogue of the century – “Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?”

So if you haven’t got the time to watch all your favorite movies again, this video offers a simpler way to reconnect with the one-liners you love most. No wonder it has captured more than 10 million views on Youtube already.

The best one – just the way the guy says it, will have you in fits of laughter:

Alien: Welcome to slavery

Guy: No thanks, I already have a wife!

So which one was your favorite one-liner? Or was there a truly incredible one that the video failed to cover?