[UPDATED: June 1, 2020] ADIBASS – Yet another catchy song by Orgonite of the Little Big Family has caused a sensation on Youtube. The band behind the masterpiece is no less itself.

Consider Orgonite as a spin-off of the older brother, Little Big Family. Little Big Family is a Russian rave band that has been in business since 2013. Since the release of their first album, With Russia From Love, they won over the hearts of many. And they didn’t stop there. Since their existence as a band, Little Big Family has released 3 albums and 9 singles. Other than presenting the world with music of class, critics are of the opinion that their music videos reflect the Russian culture. Orgonite, who joined the Little Big Family in 2016 to make it bigger, has gathered a bit of a fan following of its own. It’s an Israeli crew, with the band founders (Vadim Mechona and Yan Lubin) migrated from Russia. They specialize in Middle Eastern Rave and their motive is to use music to present the cultural diversity of Israel.

Band members

  • Vadim Mechona
  • Yan Lubin
  • Ethel Feigman
  • David Beit Hlachmi

Some songs by Orgonite

  • Habibi Yaeni
  • Adibass
  • Xamca
  • We will rave you
  • Hamsa and many more

Adibass – Orgonite 3.5 million (May 2020) views on Youtube has much to speak for itself. Of course, the bigger part of the globe will relate to it since not everyone has the luxury to afford the “fancy trends”. Most of us have to make do with the “trashy brands” as the song highlights. Other than the intriguing theme, the vibrant colors and energy of the video keep the audience hooked till the end.

Production: ORGONITE Director and editor: Vadim Mechona
Executive producer: Daniela Apelfeld
Mix: Guy Webb
Mastering: Mike Fossenkemper (for Turtle Tone Studios)
Cinematographer: Bruce Melan Styling: Shani Saban
Make up: Yulia Pushkareva