Simon Whistler is explaining term “Dyson Sphere” in his new channel “MEGAPROJECTS“.

Who is Dyson and what the heck is his sphere?

Theoretic Physicist Freeman Dyson (born 1923, died 2020) supposed that a technically sophisticated race, arriving at the limitation of its people’s growth due to the fact that of decreasing matter and also energy products, will find to exploit their sun for all it is worth. He said that one must expect that, within a few many thousand years of growth, any smart species of aliens must be actually found filling a synthetic habitat which entirely surrounds its parent star. Dyson created in the 1960 Scientific research paper that led to his.

So – Dyson Sphere is name of such megastructure.

Is something like that real? Stuart Armostrong, researcher at Oxford University Future of Humanity Institute, has analyzed megastructure concepts. He mentions that the tensile toughness required to stop the Dyson Sphere coming from tearing itself apart significantly exceeds that of any type of recognized product.

In science fiction, you can find this idea in Ringworld novel (Ballantine Books, 1970) by writer Larry Niven. Episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” included a star surrounded by Dyson Sphere.

Whether such fabulous structures exist outside the individual creative imagination still continues to be seen. Meanwhile, you can check Simon Whistler’s video.