British TV film “Red Dwarf: The Promised Land” is a 2020 British science-fiction television movie and the thirteenth installation of the British science-fiction sitcom. It was origanally launched on 9th April 2020 on Dave network. And you can look forward for 87 minutes of pure Red Dwarf humour!

The movie views the Red Dwarf crew of Dave Lister (Charles), Arnold Rimmer (Barrie), the Cat (John-Jules), and also Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) face-off against Rodon (Ray Fearon), the dictator of a band of raging cats, that has actually promised to annihilate all those who do not worship him as their God.

Three cat clerics are actually to be executed for this criminal activity, however manage to escape. They take a shuttle and set astronavigation for their “promised land” to find their God – Cloister.

In the meantime, Lister has spent huge amount of time going through the areas of the ship that he have not checked out from the times that he left stasis, including the cargo bays where amongst other factors he locates the backup disk for Holly, the ship’s “super” computer that was lost years previously.

After discovering that the ship is just about left and fulfills no logistical purpose, Holly observes his pre-programmed directions to throw away the ship through destroying it. Unable to entice him otherwise, Lister, Kryten, Rimmer and also Cat all flee in Starbug to find a brand new ship. They ultimately see a ship knowned as the Iron Star, an abandoned vessel equipped with innovation way advanced than everything on Red Dwarf. What happens next? We do not want to spoil, so you have to find out for yourself!

TL;DR: Red Dwarf is back! See a short sample below. 😉

Red Dwarf: The Promised Land quotes

Lister: I’m a nobody really. Come on guys, back me up here.
[Everbody speaking]
Kryten: Well, he’s a nobody.
Cat: He’s less than nobody!
Rimmer: An absolute zero.


Rimmer: Act like a God? You scarcely mastered human.