Police in the United States and France have been facing demonstrations and looting for several days. Violent protests in the USA affected dozens of cities and later spilled over to the European continent, France. But the French dealt with it with their famous wit and elegance.

This Frenchman played the Imperial March at trumpet in front of marching police riot squat

The young Frenchman trolled the police by playing the iconic Star Wars soundtrack that most of us have associated with Darth Vader and an anonymous army of uniform white-armored stormtroopers.

Police ignored his actions, and one of the accompanying protesters commented on his idea, “Magnificent!” and tried a high five. We will not find out from the short video whether it took place or not. How do you think the United States police would react to such a thing?

Same idea, different realization – trolling police with the Imperial March with loud speaker at balcony

One redhead from France had a similar idea. He placed a loud speaker on his balcony. Of course, he did not play soul, but the Imperial March of Star Wars. ;-D As in the previous case, the police cordon passing under his windows ignored this action.

Just add an Imperial march

Not in every situation was someone musically gifted in the area, or with a lack of soul and an excess of speakers. In that case, post-production will help. Watch a video of US President Trump and his adviser visiting the square where St. John’s Church is located, in front of which a controversial photo was taken.

As the protests spread and continue not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world, we will certainly inform you about other bizarre things that police or protesters do. Now we are a little worried about what will happen in about two weeks. Why? Incubation period of COVID-19. Whether you’re protesting, working, or with the police: Be fair and stay safe.