Speculation that the leader of North Korea is dead began to circulate on the Internet in recent days. As for now, we do not know if Kim Jong Un is dead or not.

Some jokes about Kim Jong-un’s death are really dark

User @TheGbemisola_ tweeted seemingly innocent video showing two penguins wandering throught the flock. His remark gives totally diferent meaning to the video.


Waiting for supreme leader’s death confirmation be like:

This one has dark twist in the end:


Doctors (and everybody else) was afraid of Kim Jong Un

Which creates jokes like this.

Or this:

And even this.

Memes without Spongebob Squarepants? No

Vegetative state – Kim Jong Un

I am a Pickle Kim! I am a Pickle Kim!

Kim Jong Un is not alone in this. This joke targets Donald Trump.

What will be next? Who will be Supreme leader of North Korea?

Where is the truth? Who will rule North Korea in upcoming days? There is three options availible. Kim Yo Jong – Kim Jong Un sister, Ri Sol Ju or somebody else.

Kim Yo Jong – Kim’s sister

As details, Kim Yo Jong is actually considered to be actually a power broker within the Northern Korea political mechanism, possessing both some degree of expertise she functioned as each chief of team, and also as a trusted ally, for her bro’s administration and a domestic link.

Some professionals claim, having said that, that Kim Yo Jong might not be actually as probably to succeed Kim Jong Un being one might think, mostly as a result of the reality that North Korea is a comparatively fatherlike society.

Ri Sol Ju – Kim’s wife

Considered That Kim Jong Un’s other half, Ri Sol Ju, will ostensibly encounter the same cultural barriers in any kind of sought ascension and also, she has actually built up no substantive political power throughout her years at her hubby’s edge.

Aside from Kim Yo Jong, yet another sibling Kim Jong Chol could possibly also be considered to lead. Or maybe someone completely different. Who knows what is happening in North Korea.