Twitch user Virtualeigh is playing No Man’s Sky on PC. This time as part of twenty four hours long stream. (But it seems like “just” eighteen hours.)

Video clearly shows effects of prolonged gaming after first few hours, like tiredness, red eyes, decent mood swings and others. If you want to try it for yourself and push your limits, please consider these health effects before you start. Especially if you postpone sleep regularly.

On the other hand, I quite understand it. When I first played the No Man’s Sky (Vanilla version or one of the earliest patches…:-D) on Play Station 4 Pro, I lasted practically the whole weekend. (With a short sleep break though.)

When exploring the universe and planets in NMS, one can easily lose track of time. Especially if you encounter anomaly planet, like Virtualeigh did.

What do you say about her performance? And what is your record in playing No Man’s Sky without sleep?

You are watching 24 Hour stream! This game steals my life <3 !24 from user Virtualeigh on adress

Twitch streamer: Virtualeigh
Game: No Man’s Sky (originally released in 2016)
Stream year: 2020